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A happy child is a motivated child

A happy child is a motivated child

The English School of Barcelona, founded in 1957 by Miss Tower is currently run by "Tea Ceremony, S.L". This  small company is made up by five people, who, besides running the school, also make up part of the  teaching staff.

From the very beginning, The English School has always adapted to the various reforms of the educational system and is constantly bringing its methodology up to date. As the world around us changes, so must the way we educate our children.


  •  PERSONAL TUITION  working with reduced groups, with a maximum of 18 students  at all levels,  allows us the means to achieve an extremely high academic level.


  • THE EARLY LEARNING OF LANGUAGES stimulates the intelligence and motivates the child into working almost simultaneously in our three operative languages (English, Castellano, and Catalan). Each one being used equally, without one favoured over any other.

  • EDUCATION IN AN AFFECTIONATE ENVIRONMENT, working with small groups allows the teacher to attend to students´problems in a humane way. Upon encountering any type of problem, the students can always count on the helping hand of their teachers to guide them past any obstacle.
  • APRECIATING CULTURE, around us as well as in far away places is developed by visiting sites of interest and by co-existing in the school with its mix of cultures, religious and ethnic groups.This, in itself, is an educational experience and further enriches the education we offer.


The English School is the ideal school for your children